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Jehoshua Eliashberg


This study aims to compare and contrast professional critics’ movie reviews with those of general public users’ to understand the differences and similarities between both and its effect. This will allow better informed decisions to be made highlighting when and for what ends the use of each type is more appropriate. This study analyzes length, ease of reading, sentiment analysis, main topics, emotional tones and the effect of time to evaluate the reviews. All the data used in this study pertains to the movie Avatar and was obtained from the IMDb movie database online. The research conducted found that while critics’ and users’ reviews may truly have some generally expected differences in fields like length or ease of reading, they may also present unexpected similarities in others that include, but are not limited to, the polarity, the main topics and even certain emotional tones of the reviews. Evaluating how users’ reviews changed over time additionally allows for a comprehension of the change in sentiment with the gradual distancing from the movie release date.


Reviews, Movies, Ratings, Critics, IMDb, Text Analytics



Date Posted: 12 June 2018


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