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Clemence Idoux


Education sponsorship programs have long been the solution to fill the gap in talent recruitment of high-potential individuals by both public and private organizations in Malaysia. As good talent and people management play a crucial component in driving performance, there is good reason for organizations to invest in the education of promising leaders. However, successful retention of scholars in these programs can depend on several factors, including proper talent management. This study investigates the various factors contributing to the likelihood of attrition among scholars and their general sentiment toward these programs. Data was collected through a survey and interviews with past scholars who had participated in education sponsorship programs. The findings suggest that ethnic background influences attrition rates in government-sponsored programs, as Malay scholars receive preferential treatment. However, this population also benefits from more opportunities beyond the terms of the sponsorship contract. Additionally, scholars who perceive sponsoring agencies with good talent management have a positive sentiment toward the sponsorship program. Lastly, other variables affect the decision-making process of scholars when deciding to serve their sponsoring agreement that is beyond the sponsoring agency's control.


education, human capital, talent management, sponsorship, attrition, retention



Date Posted:24 May 2023


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