Journal of Nursing Doctoral Student Scholarship

Journal of Nursing Doctoral Student Scholarship

Aims & Scope

The Journal of Nursing Doctoral Students Scholarship does not aim to compete with highly ranked and established journals in the field; rather it provides a venue for nursing doctoral students (both PhD and DNP) to express their thoughts and opinions. Some student work, such as concept or theoretical analysis papers, do not fit well with research focused publication sources seeking data-based research reports. To bridge this gap and share the outstanding ideas withthe rest of the scientific community, we invite you to submit research briefs, concept or theoretical analysis, systematic or focused literature reviews and any other publications produced by you during your doctoral studies.

Types of acceptable manuscripts for submission:

  • Reflections on Practice, Research or Policy
  • Historical Research
  • Methodological Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Research Briefs
  • Concept Analysis
  • Theory Analysis and Evaluation
  • Systematic or Focused Literature Review