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Ravitch, Sharon
Rahman, Gul Rukh
Shakeir, Reima

The primary purpose of information technology case studies is to illuminate specific applications of technology for actors in a given situation or setting – in this case, family philanthropy seeking to address significant issues of access, quality, and support in Brazil’s public schools. Founded by the Gradin family in 2011, Instituto Inspirare recognizes that education is fundamentally unequal among Brazilian students, a state of affairs that has served to reproduce inequities intergenerationally. In order to address the disparities that exist in education quality between Brazil’s public schools and their private, wealthy counterparts. Instituto Inspirare tackles the fundamental issue of access to innovation through a series of online platforms for constructive dialogue between the Brazilian public education system’s most direct stakeholders – teachers and students – and supports building effective, impactful curricula. The ease of distribution of Internet-based platforms enables an increasing number of Brazilians to engage in conversations and collaborate on ways to improve the country’s public education system. The purpose of this case study is to provide in-depth understanding of Instituto Inspirare’s most impactful strategies to inform mission, policy, program development, professional practice, and community action. The study utilizes a computer science principle – the scalability of software – to demonstrate how adopting basic internet presence can spark innovation. Instituto Inspirare’s online-centered strategy applies the theory of digital scalability to successfully engage key stakeholders in education reform. By connecting ideators and idea-seekers in a range of digital formats, Inspirare yields positive innovations to diffuse throughout Brazil’s education system and is making a much-needed contribution to the field.

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