Microbial Community Structure Affects Marine Dissolved Organic Matter Composition

Kujawinski, Elizabeth B
Barott, Katie
Weber, Ralf J.M
Kido Soule, Melissa C

Marine microbes are critical players in the global carbon cycle, affecting both the reduction of inorganic carbon and the remineralization of reduced organic compounds back to carbon dioxide. Members of microbial consortia all depend on marine dissolved organic matter (DOM) and in turn, affect the molecules present in this heterogeneous pool. Our understanding of DOM produced by marine microbes is biased toward single species laboratory cultures or simplified field incubations, which exclude large phototrophs and protozoan grazers. Here we explore the interdependence of DOM composition and bacterial diversity in two mixed microbial consortia from coastal seawater: a whole water community and a

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<p>At the time of this publication, Dr. Barott was affiliated with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, but she is now a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania.</p>
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