Autobiographies by Americans of Color 1995-2000: An Annotated Bibliography

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This second of two volumes bringing together as comprehensively as possible, all autobiographical works by Americans of Color covers the years 1995-2000. In this five year period there are nearly 200 more publications than in the previous volume (1980-1994), which spanned fifteen years. 435 of the 674 entries in this volume are by African Americans. The stories of leaving the south and participation in the Civil Rights Movement, which were present in the first volume, are joined by those of musicians, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and athletes, teachers, sharecroppers, politicians, and veterans. There is a greater representation of Japanese American authors in this period of time as those who were incarcerated in the internment camps began to tell their stories. In this five year period, we also begin to see the stories of those who grew up in multiethnic or multiracial families. The introduction to the book provides more details, as well as the methodology we used for identifying the publications included.

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Stuhr, Rebecca and Deborah Iwabuchi. Autobiographies by Americans of Color, 1995-2000: An Annotated Bibliography. Albany: Whitston Publishing, 2003; Stuhr-Iwabuchi Autobiographies by Americans of Color 1980-1994: An Annotated Bibliography by Rebecca A Stuhr ( & Deborah Jean Iwabuchi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License ( Based on a work at
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