Journal of Student Nursing Research: Volume 5, Issue 1

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    Including Adolescents and Young Adults in Decisions at the End-of-Life
    (2013-07-15) Berger, Rebecca S
    Over 3000 young people die of chronic illnesses annually in the United States. Health care providers often struggle to include these patients in end-of-life planning. The purpose of this inquiry is to examine the current literature addressing the inclusion of adolescents and young adults in decision-making at the end-of-life. A systematic search of the electronic databases PubMed, Scopus, CINAHL, ISI, and Cochrane revealed 9 articles relevant to this topic. The results show that adolescents and young adults want to be included in end-of-life decisions and often have similar values as their parents and providers when making these decisions. The major limitations are the limited population sample of the studies, in terms of size and patient characteristics, and inconsistencies with the ages of participants in the studies. Ideas for further research, in addition to implications for clinical practice will be discussed in this paper.
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    Nursing Advocacy for Optimal Palliative Care of Patients with Advanced Cancer
    (2013-07-15) Kossman, Debra A
    The purpose of this paper is to review selected research findings about obstacles to palliative care for patients with progressive cancer and discuss the role that oncology and palliative care nurses play in helping to remove these obstacles.
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    End-of-Life Care for Individuals with Dementia
    (2013-07-15) Morgan, Brianna
    End-of-life care for individuals with dementia can be complicated and difficult for clinicians, families and the patient. This paper examines the current literature on end-of-life practices for individuals with dementia and discusses emerging trends to help inform clinicians about factors that influence end-of-life care for individuals with dementia. Research articles highlight nursing home care, hospice and palliative care, and decision-making as major themes influencing end-of-life care, and suggest recommendations for clinicians in improving practice in these areas.
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    Management of Chronic Non-malignant Pain in Nursing Homes Residents
    (2013-07-15) Parker, Therese Y
    Pain in nursing homes remains underassessed, underreported and undertreated, consequently, becoming a growing concern in the United States. The purpose of this inquiry is to review the current evidence guiding the management of chronic non-malignant pain among nursing home residents. Twelve articles relevant to this topic were obtained from a search of the electronic databases PubMed and Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health (CINAHL). Findings underscore an urgent need to improve assessment, documentation, and management of pain in nursing home residents.