Keynote: Data-Driven Collective Impact: Driving Social Change as a Community

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Evans Harris, Natalie

Natalie has dedicated nearly 20 years to advancing the public sector’s responsible use of data for protecting and improving individual's lives. Following a 15 year career at the National Security Agency, Natalie co-founded and became COO of BrightHive, a collaborative data platform delivering a suite of smart data collection, integration, and governance products to social services providers for improved access and usability of social sector data. She founded the Community-driven Principles for Ethical Data Sharing (CPEDS)community of practice with over 800 active members focused on strengthening ethical practices in the data science community and as a Senior Policy Advisor under the Obama Administration, she founded the Data Cabinet - a federal data science community of practice with over 200 active members across more than 40 federal agencies. Keynote Description: The last decade (or more) has experienced a transformation of data to an action-oriented asset that can draw insights necessary to describe, detect, predict, and evaluate factors to help our communities and the individuals in them to thrive. We've also witnessed threats to these opportunities in the forms of breaches, misinformation, and other erosions of trust that make access to and use of data much more complicated. As a community, it is imperative to take an interdisciplinary approach to data use grounded in public-private collaboration and focused on building trust with the communities we seek to serve.

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