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This document describes the online seminar series “Number which make the news”. These seminars were held by the Iran Media Program in October and November of 2011. The language of the seminars was Persian and the attendants were selected from bloggers, activists, and journalists who work on Iran issues.

This document is organized as follows. First, Section 1 describes the purpose of these seminars. Then, in Sections 2 and 3, the audience of the seminars and the presentation format are outlined. The document continues with Section 4 which contains description of the contents of the seminars and Section 5 which covers the feedback received from the audience. Finally, Section 6 provides the concluding remarks and a list of suggestions for future work. At the end of this document there is an appendix. This section contains the outlines of the individual seminars.

Additionally, this section also contains the list of the pieces authored and published by members of the audience of these seminars, as the members were required to participate in the program. The majority of web addresses provided in the footnotes of this document are in Persian. These addresses point to reference material used throughout the presentations or content produced by audience members. In many cases an English excerpt is provided where the reference is made.

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Date Posted: 06 February 2017