In Situ

Issue 1 (2015)
In Situ 2015


We are happy to be issuing another number of our undergraduate student research journal In Situ. In addition to providing a selection of reports from some of the best original student research over the past year, it illustrates the changing agenda of Penn’s Anthropology Majors.

As you read, you will see that what it means to major in anthropology at Penn today is different from when In Situ first appeared, and different again from when the Faculty coaching them were trained a decade or more earlier. The trajectory is interesting. We are riding a wave of social and cultural change, and the pace is accelerating. Anthropology is the study of the human condition – biological, social and cultural, past and present. As that condition changes, we redefine our procedures and reformulate our objectives in order to keep building on our past achievements in ways that prepare us for the new material and new opportunities that are emerging in the world around us as it undergoes accelerating urbanization of globalization.

The papers and photographs published here were first presented at our undergraduate research conference, known as Anthrofest, on February 27, 2015, an annual event in which students whose research we helped fund present their findings. We welcome comments and reactions to this and future issues as we continue to marshall our resources to improve from year to year our ability to document and explain the changing human condition.


In Situ 2015: University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Research Journal
Melanie White, Kirsten Myers, Jordi Rivera Prince, Charles McClelland, Eileen Wang, and Kelly Bridges


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In Situ 2015

This volume of In Situ is a compilation of original anthropological research papers by students all across the university.