In Situ

Issue 1 (2010)
In Situ 2010 Vol. II

Editor's Preface

We proudly present to you the second volume of In Situ, the Undergraduate Journal of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania.

This text itself is a small precipitate of the diverse and rigorous intellectual work undertaken by undergraduates in anthropological research throughout the semester. The following collection of works crystallizes around the amorphous and indefinable theme of culture and its manifestations in lived experiences of sexuality, identity, food, and technology. Using a variety of research methods, from ethnography to archival investigations, these works highlight the multiplicity with which we understand and engage with culture and its articulations, both collectively and through personal, idiosyncratic experience.

The following works included in this volume were nominated by faculty mentors from a diverse range of Anthropology courses and were chosen based on originality, clarity, and excellence. We would like to thank faculty who nominated student papers for inclusion in this volume. We would also like to that Dr. Adriana Petryna, the undergraduate Chair of Anthropology, for her support and guidance, as well as Charlene Kwon, the Undergraduate Coordinator. Lastly, we would like to thank Francis Tseng, the cover designer, for his original and striking artwork.

If you would like to submit to In Situ’s Spring 2010 edition, apply to the In Situ Editorial Board, or learn more about the Undergraduate Anthropology Society and its upcoming activities, please visit the Undergraduate Program tab on the Penn Anthropology website for more information: http://www.sas.upenn.edu/anthro.

Thank you for reading,

Lauren Kapsalakis

Chair, Undergraduate Anthropology Society


In Situ 2010 vol. 2: University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Research Journal
Molly Hude, Lana Porter, Heather Alpino, Kevin Chung, Helen Vaskevitch, Lauren Kapsalakis, Rachel Gittelman, Brandi Waters, and Hayley Germack


Lauren Kapsalakis
Cover Design
Francis Tseng
Benjamin Laitman
Katie McCarthy
Catalina I. Villamil
Brandi M. Waters

In Situ 2010 Vol. II

This volume of In Situ is a compilation of original anthropological research papers by students all across the university.