In Situ

Issue 1 (2009)
In Situ 2009

Editor's Preface

It is with sincere joy that we present to you the first volume of the revived Undergraduate Journal of Anthropology, In Situ. In launching this publication, we aim to showcase the diversity of the academic inquiries and research pursuits that are underway by members of our undergraduate student community in the Department of Anthropology. Moreover, it is our hope that this journal will serve to further cultivate the intellectual community among undergraduates.

In Situ proudly highlights the work of undergraduates who are engaging topics in any subfield of Anthropology. In Fall 2008, the Department of Anthropology faculty was invited to nominate students’ work for publication. The following articles were selected from among these submissions based upon their excellence, originality, and clarity. In Situ was founded with the goal of exhibiting outstanding work in Anthropology, regardless of a student’s school, year or major. The authors included in this volume range from freshmen to seniors, and represent a variety of majors in and beyond Anthropology.

The revitalization of the In Situ Undergraduate Journal of Anthropology is a testament to the dedication of those students who are working to enhance the academic experience of their peers in Anthropology, and we thank them for all of their hard work. The In Situ Editorial Board and the members of the Undergraduate Anthropology Society look forward to the continuing growth of the undergraduate community among students of Anthropology. Therefore, we invite you to join us in our enthusiasm for Anthropology, empirical study, critical analysis, problem solving and appreciation for our world’s challenges and vast diversity.

If you would like to submit to In Situ’s Fall 2009 edition, apply to the In Situ Editorial Board, or learn more about the Undergraduate nthropology Society and its upcoming activities, please visit the Undergraduate Program tab on the Penn Anthropology website for more information: http://www.sas.upenn.edu/anthro.

Thank you for reading,

Serena Stein, Editor-in-Chief


In Situ 2009: University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Research Journal
Ryan Jobson, Jennifer Berk, Julia Margulis, Sharon Her, Leslie Arapi, Brandi Waters, Jacqueline Chaudry, Madeleine Kronovet, Tony Wang, Cara McGuinness, Amber Weekes, Serena Stein, Caitlin Dardenne, Cameron Hu, Nina Johnson, and Hannah Lau


Diaspora as Politics, Culture, Commodity, Contrast
Brandi Waters and Jacqueline Chaudry


Serena Stein
Cover Design
Chloe LeGendre
Lauren Kapsalakis
Benjamin Laitman
Katie McCarthy
Catalina Isabel Villamil
Brandi M. Waters
Amber Weekes

In Situ 2009

This volume of In Situ is a compilation of original anthropological research papers by students all across the university.