In Situ

Our annually published journal, In Situ is comprised of undergraduate anthropological research with contributions from students all over Penn's campus. Undergraduate research is vital to the university and we are honored to present such innovative and passionate work, year after year.

Current Issue: Issue 1 (2017)
In Situ 2017


The articles you will read in these pages are the works of the next generation of anthropologists. They represent the best from the current stage of student progress in the study of the human condition in the changing world around us, works of original research presented by juniors and seniors at our annual undergraduate research conference in March 2017. What we have selected for publication includes not only some of the projects from the lesser known parts of the modern world, but also work on our understanding of the past, both biological and evolutionary, and early historical, in the light of the present—how we came to be what we are today.

Brian Spooner

Anthropology Undergraduate Chair


In Situ 2017: University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Research Journal
Samantha Sharon Ashok, Ivana Kohut, Jessie Lu, Emma McNamara, and Arielle Mae Pierson