Theses (Historic Preservation)


Naftalia Flatté

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Thesis or dissertation

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This vulnerability study investigates the encroaching threat of climate change and how it will exacerbate the deterioration of open-air masonry sites such as Wupatki Pueblo, Wupatki National Monument. This rubble and earthen mortar masonry site is assessed through interpretation of stabilization reports, geological surveys, climate inventories, condition assessments, and cultural resource evaluations. Likely mechanisms of deterioration are predicted through an analysis of the structure’s material sensitivities and exposure. The ramifications of projected climatic stimuli are synthesized through an assessment of material properties, identifying moisture related pathologies and deterioration due to increased wind speed as the greatest daily threats to the structure. The relative exposure of different structural elements determines the extent to which sensitivity will facilitate damage, with interior and exterior rooms reacting differently to changing conditions. Specific areas of concern at Wupatki Pueblo are highlighted through cross-referencing structure orientation, sites of most frequent repair, and the type of repair conducted. This research can be used to create a preservation plan for monitoring the location and timeline of deterioration to ensure the ongoing stability and viability of sites such as Wupatki Pueblo.


Vulnerability, sensitivity, exposure, climate change, Wupatki



Date Posted: 20 July 2021