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Church, Alexandra Liana (2012). Scale & Context: An Evaluation of Regional and Transboundary Heritage Conservation Models. (Masters Thesis). University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.


This thesis examines several trends in heritage management in which management of very large scale areas is undertaken. The goal is to evaluate regional scale or transboundary planning and preservation management models, especially those where management of a single entity is governed by multiple sets of rules, such as multiple states or nations. This thesis will also examine the ways that these large-scale, developed areas are lacking or excelling at preventing and managing development, especially in response to the needs of places to grow their economies. This thesis will also evaluate the larger question of when the scale of a heritage area becomes so large that it loses the notion of outstanding heritage, and places lose their ability to develop and grow. It will then evaluate how a system can be constructed to look beyond the jewel box and respects heritage and culture at a radically broad scale while planning for regional growth.

In order to evaluate how a transboundary management plan could benefit the Cetinje Royal Capital and Skadar Lake, this thesis has been divided into four chapters, the Legal Structures for Transboundary Sites; The Historic Case of the Adirondack Park; the role of NGOs in promoting regional and transboundary preservation; and Mitigation of negative externalities through the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process.


transboundary heritage, cetinje, adirondack park, skadar lake, regional planning



Date Posted: 25 February 2014