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Book Chapter

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January 2000


Reprinted with permission. Printed in The Conservation of an Excavated Past," /Towards reflexive method in archaeology: the example at Çatalhöyük. By members of the Çatalhöyük teams, edited by Ian Hodder, BJAA Monograph No. 28, McDonald Monograph Institute, 2000, pages 71-88.


Reflexivity as a methodological approach in the production of knowledge takes its primary position from the contextualization of the problem rather than the superimposition of positivist, empirical models. Yet any methodology depends all the interrelationship between theory and practice as expressed through the intersection of principles, practices and procedures. In the case of postprocessual archaeology, ways of approaching past human behaviour are based on contextual, integrated analyses of issues and data derived from the interaction of numerous disciplines and multiple views (multivocality) and the new relationships that arise from such interaction (Hodder 1991).



Date Posted: 15 August 2008