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Conference Paper

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March 1993


Copyright Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Reprinted from Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Discrete Element Methods, March 1993, pages 455-458.


This paper develops a general approach for the efficient modeling of dynamic point-to-point constraints in deformable multibody objects for the purposes of computer animation and motion estimation. Based on a stabilized Lagrange multiplier technique we devise an algorithm for the efficient computation of constraint forces necessary for the modeling of hard point-to-point constraints. Through our algorithm we compute the constraint forces by solving a usually smaller linear system of the order of the number of constraints in the deformable multibody object. We construct multi-body deformable objects from a new family of physics-based modeling primitives that we have developed. These primitives can undergo free motions as well as parameterized and free-form deformations. We demonstrate the performance of our algorithm in a serious of computer vision and computer graphic applications.



Date Posted: 15 August 2007

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