Center for Human Modeling and Simulation

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Conference Paper

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March 1994


Presented at Toward Physical Interaction and Manipulation, AAAI Spring Symposium Series, 1994.


Creating animations of a human figure performing a task requires that the agent interact with objects in the environment in a realistic way. Agent-object interaction is not completely specified from a task description alone. In this paper we sketch an architecture for the Object-Specific Reasoner (OSR), an intermediate planning module which tailors high-level plans to the specifics of the agent and objects. As plans are elaborated, the OSR generates a sequence of motion directives which are ultimately executed by a simulator. Descriptions of failures can be used to identify possible tools for the agent to use. An Object-Specific Reasoner is necessary in a system which allows an agent, equipped with a set of action behaviors, to interact in a semiautonomous fashion with the world.


object manipulation, motion planning, animation, tools



Date Posted: 09 August 2007