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February 2007


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Postprint version. Published in Proceedings of the 2006 Digital Human Modeling for Design and Engineering Conference, July 2006, Document 2001-01-2366, 7 pages.
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Computational ergonomic analyses are often laboriously tested one task at a time. As digital human models improve, we can partially automate the entire analysis process of checking human factors requirements or regulations against a given design. We are extending our Parameterized Action Representation (PAR) to store requirements and its execution system to drive human models through required tasks. Databases of actions, objects, regulations, and digital humans are instantiated into PARs and executed by analyzers that simulate the actions on digital humans and monitor the actions to report successes and failures. These extensions will allow quantitative but localized design assessment relative to specific human factors requirements.


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Date Posted: 09 July 2007

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