History of Anthropology Newsletter

History of Anthropology Newsletter

Volume 3, Issue 1 (Winter 1976)

Prospects and Problems


Prospects and Problems
George W. Stocking Jr.

Footnotes for the History of Anthropology


Morgan, Fison, and an Abortive Field Expedition Through Polynesia
George W. Stocking Jr. and Lewis Henry Morgan

Sources for the History of Anthropology

Clio's Fancy


The First American Anthropological Association
George W. Stocking Jr. and Stephen D. Peet

Research in Progress

Bibliographica Arcana

Gleanings from Academic Gatherings


Full Issue

The Editorial Committee

Editorial Secretary
George Stocking, University of Chicago
Robert Bieder, Latham, New York
Robert Berkhofer, University of Michigan
Regna Darnell, University of Alberta
Dell Hymes, University of Pennsylvania
Judith Modell, University of Minnesota
Timothy Thoresen, University of California, Berkeley