History of Anthropology Newsletter

History of Anthropology Newsletter

The History of Anthropology Newsletter has been a venue for publication and conversation on the many histories of the discipline of anthropology since 1973. This is a repository of back issues; we also publish publish news, essays, reviews, and bibliographies on our website.

Current Issue: Volume 39, Issue 2 (December 2012)

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Editorial Committee

Henrika Kuklick
Assistant Editor
Peter Collopy
Matthew Hoffarth
Adrian Young

Corresponding Contributors

Ira Bashkow
Brian Daniels
Regna Darnell
Nélia Dias
Lise Dobrin
Christian Feest
Andre Gingrich
Robert Gordon
Curtis Hinsley
Edgardo Krebs
Esteban Krotz
H. Glenn Penny
Joanna Radin
Lyn Schumaker
George Stocking
Susan Trencher
Kevin Yelvington