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Mission ofGraduate Studies Journal of Organizational Dynamics

For more information, please see Graduate Studies Journal of Organizational Dynamics Aims and Scope page.

Who Can Submit?

Manuscripts are invited from any Organizational Dynamics student who earns a final grade of A+ on a paper in any Organizational Dynamics course completed within one year of the date of submission. Papers that earned a grade of A may also be submitted but will be considered after A+ papers. Each manuscript must have a faculty sponsor who acknowledges that the student was in a course taught by the faculty within the previous year and earned a grade of A+ or A.

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General Submission Rules

Manuscripts must meet format guidelines set by the American Psychological Association. Manuscripts must be submitted directly by a student, not by a faculty sponsor. Authors must agree to the following requirements:

  1. The manuscript is not under review for publication elsewhere and will not be submitted for review to another publication while under review by GSJOD.
  2. The manuscript reports data or offers commentary that has not been previously published by the author. Authors who report data from others – published or not - must include in their papers citations and references in APA format and must inform the editor of these data at the time of submission.
  3. The manuscript will not be posted on a web site (e.g., personal or organizational) while under review by GSJOD.
  4. The author will sign the Organizational Dynamic Author Agreement form, which appears below.
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    Manuscripts must not disclose confidential or personally-identifiable information concerning organizations, clients/patients, students, research participants, organizational clients (individuals or groups), or recipients of services (paid or not) that are obtained during the course of work or educational activities, unless (1) the author has taken steps to disguise the person or organization, (2) the person or organization has consented in writing, or (3) there is legal authorization for doing so. Guidelines for protecting the rights of research subjects can be found in the APA Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association The University of Pennsylvania maintains the right to refuse publication of papers on grounds of breach of confidentiality as defined by the University and has the final authority of approval or rejection.

    Submissions for GSJOD should be sent electronically only to: dynamics@sas.upenn.edu. The subject line should be: GSJOD Submission.

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    Review Process & Publication

    Manuscripts will be reviewed by members of the GSJOD editorial committee. An author may be asked to revise and resubmit a manuscript prior to receiving a publication acceptance. Authors will be advised in writing when a manuscript is recommended for publication. A tentative publication date in GSJOD will be provided with the acceptance notification. Manuscripts will be published under the author’s name with a notation indicating the Faculty sponsor and the name of the course completed.

    GSJOD will be published in sequential issues over the three academic semesters within the University of Pennsylvania Scholarly Commons Digital Library. A summary volume will be available in print format periodically.