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September 2006


This book describes how social identification and academic learning can deeply depend on each other, through a theoretical account of the two processes and a detailed empirical analysis of how students' identities emerged andhowstudents learned curriculum in one classroom. The book traces the identity development of two students across an academic year, showing how they developed unexpected identities in substantial part because curricular themes provided categories that teachers and students used to identify them and showing how students learned about curricular themes in part because the two students were socially identified in ways that illuminated those themes. The book's distinctive contribution is to demonstrate in detail how social identification and academic learning can become deeply interdependent.


© Stanton Wortham. Permission granted by Cambridge University Press. Reprinted from Learning Identity: The Joint Emergence of Social Identity and Academic Learning / Stanton Wortham, (Cambridge ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2006), pages 1-28.


educational sociology, social psychology, identity



Date Posted: 02 May 2007

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