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National Center for Education Statistics Working Paper Series


This paper outlines an agenda of research on teachers and schools utilizing NCES' Schools and Staffing Survey. SASS is an unusual education survey. Unlike most major large-scale nationally representative surveys, SASS does not focus on students, nor on feature measures of student achievement and student outcomes. Instead, SASS focuses on teachers and schools. Indeed, it is probably the largest and most comprehensive survey of teachers in existence. SASS consists of linked surveys of schools, districts, principals, and teachers. It has obtained a wealth of information on teachers-their backgrounds, training, attitudes, behavior-and on schools-their principals, working conditions, contexts, characteristics, processes, and climate.


The Working Paper Series was created in order to preserve the information contained in these documents and to promote the sharing of valuable work experience and knowledge. However, these documents were prepared under different formats and did not undergo vigorous NCES publication review and editing prior to their inclusion in the series.

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Date Posted: 18 October 2019