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February 2006


In May 2005, The Graduate School of Education and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania held a summit of approximately 40 chief learning officers from Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations. Polling the group about their backgrounds uncovered what is mirrored in this article: people took many paths to become CLOs, but there is no clear credentialing track.

While chief learning officers are responsible for the professional educational development of millions of people, there is no school with a curriculum to prepare this group of powerful and influential individuals. Penn’s business and education schools are joining forces to develop a credentialing program for CLOs.

Targeting newly appointed CLOs, experienced CLOs, and those aspiring to the position, the modular program will offer executive education and applied research opportunities—and may ultimately lead to a doctoral degree in education.

Focusing on business strategy and management, leadership, instructional design, technological integration, and problem solving, the program defines the path for a potential CLO, supports and develops the current CLO, and increases the public’s understanding of this role.


Copyright © 2006 from T+D by Brenda Sugrue and Douglas Lynch. Reprinted with permission of American Society for Training & Development.
Reprinted from Training and Development Magazine (TD), February 2006, pages 51-56.
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Date Posted: 08 February 2007

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