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This paper describes one way in which students develop durable, classroom-specific identities. When students enter new groups 8 their identities are often fluid. Over time, however, students and teachers generally come to identify individuals in predictable ways. 9 Durable identities emerge across events, as signs of identity come to presuppose a consistent trajectory of identification for a given 10 individual. This paper traces the social identification of one student across the course of a two-month curriculum unit in a middle 11 school science class, showing how he developed a complex but robust identity across several weeks in a new lab group.


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Stanton Wortham, The objectification of identity across events, Linguistics and Education, Volume 19, Issue 3, Objectification and the inscription of knowledge in science classrooms, Winter 2008, Pages 294-311, ISSN 0898-5898.

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Identity; Entextualization; Timescales; Classroom discourse



Date Posted: 02 June 2010

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