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Book Chapter

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January 2008


Linguistic anthropologists investigate how language use both presupposes and creates social relations in cultural context (Agha, 2006; Duranti, 1997; Silverstein, 1985). Theories and methods from linguistic anthropology have been productively applied to educational research for the past four decades. This chapter describes key aspects of a linguistic anthropological approach and reviews research in which these have been used to study educational phenomena. Readers should also consult the chapter by Betsy Rymes on Language Socialization and Linguistic Anthropology, in Volume 8 of the Encyclopedia, for a review of linguistic anthropological research in the language socialization tradition.


Postprint version. Reprinted from Encyclopedia of language and education, Volume 3, Discourse and Education, edited by M. Martin-Jones, A.-M. de Mejía and N. Hornberger (New York: Springer), pages 93-103.



Date Posted: 07 May 2008