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December 2007


Herein, we are privileged to be given a close and detailed look at the lives and literacies of transnational multilingual youth and adults of diverse origins and communities from across the United States. These are multilingual lives and literacies located on the west coast, or in western mountain, southwest, midwest, or northeast U.S. There are New Yorkers of Dominican, Colombian, Bengali, and Chabad Jewish-American heritage, Mexican immigrants from Guanajuato and Jalisco in Iowa and California, respectively, and adult women refugees from Bosnia, Iran, and Sudan now residing in the intermountain west.


Postprint version. Published in Linguistics and Education, Volume 8, Issues 3-4, December 2007, pages 325-334.
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biliteracy, transnationalism, multimodality, identity, immigration, language learning



Date Posted: 08 January 2008