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Arvind Bhusnurmath and Camillo J. Taylor. Solving Stereo Matching Problems Using Interior Point Methods. In Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission, 3DPVT, Stefan Gumhold, Jana Kosecka, Oliver Staadt, eds. June 2008. pp. 321-329.


This paper describes an approach to reformulating the stereo matching problem as a large scale Linear Program. The approach proceeds by approximating the match cost function associated with each pixel with a piecewise linear convex function. Regularization terms related to the first and second derivative of the disparity field are also captured with piecewise linear penalty terms. The resulting large scale linear program can be tackled using interior point methods and the associated Newton Steps involve matrices that reflect the structure of the underlying pixel grid. The proposed scheme effectively exploits the structure of these matrices to solve these linear systems efficiently.



Date Posted: 07 October 2009