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A Survey on Substitute Teachers Status Quo in the West Rural Area of China

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An, Xuehui and Junxiang Xie. (2008) “A Study on the Status Quo of Substitute Teachers in Rural China.” Teacher Education Research 20 (1): 63-68 (in Chinese).


This report makes a descriptive analysis of substitute teachers about their basic characteristics, professional development and payment using the data surveyed by rural schools. The research finds that compared with formal teachers, substitute teachers are younger, less experienced, and mainly work at the village in which who was born. Their professional quality is relatively lower than formal teachers, but substitute teachers still work dutifully, with the hope of long-term employment. Substitute teacher also have fewer training opportunities and are rarely involved in teaching research. The wages of substitute teachers are relatively lower and most of their wages not paid on time. Therefore, in order to strengthen the teaching force and improve teaching quality in rural areas, the issue of substitute teachers must be resolved reasonably, fairly and effectively.


Substitute teachers; rural schools; rural teachers



Date Posted: 28 October 2009