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Does an intra-household flypaper effect exist? Evidence from the educational fee reduction reform in rural China

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Reprinted from Journal of development Economics 99, no. 2 (2012): 459-473.
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We test for evidence of an intra-household flypaper effect by evaluating the impact of an educational fee reduction reform in rural China on different categories of household expenditure, including spending on individual children. Using pre- and post-reform data, this study exploits cohort comparisons, variation in the extent of school fee reductions across different villages, and variation in the subsidies received by children enrolled in different grades within the same family to identify the impact of the reform. The results show that educational fee reductions are matched by increased voluntary educational spending on the same children who receive the fee reductions, providing strong evidence of an intra-household flypaper effect.


Intra-household, Flypaper, Educational fee reduction reform, China



Date Posted: 08 July 2009

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