Departmental Papers (Family Medicine and Community Health)

Our research at the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health drives groundbreaking clinical advances, laying the foundation for better care in the community and the world. The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health conducts innovative research that asks and answers important questions relevant to primary care, community medicine, and public health. Ultimately, the research will enable healthcare providers to deliver personalized patient–centered care in a primary care setting and inform innovative approaches to improve population health.


Submissions from 2017


Beyond Exploratory: A Tailored Framework for Assessing Rigor in Qualitative Health Services Research, Katharine A. Rendle, Corey M. Abramson, Sarah B. Garrett, Meghan C. Halley, and Daniel Dohan


Adherence Patterns to Extended Cervical Screening Intervals in Women Undergoing HPV and Cytology Cotesting, Katharine A. Rendle, Mark Schiffman, Li C. Cheung, Walter K. Kinney, Barbara Fetterman, Nancy E. Poitras, Thomas Lorey, and Philip E. Castle