The Wharton School

In 1881, American entrepreneur and industrialist Joseph Wharton established the world’s first collegiate school of business at the University of Pennsylvania — a radical idea that revolutionized both business practice and higher education.

Since then, the Wharton School has continued innovating to meet mounting global demand for new ideas, deeper insights, and  transformative leadership. We blaze trails, from the nation’s first collegiate center for entrepreneurship in 1973 to our latest research centers in alternative investments and neuroscience.

Wharton's faculty members generate the intellectual innovations that fuel business growth around the world. Actively engaged with the leading global companies, governments, and non-profit organizations, they represent the world's most comprehensive source of business knowledge.

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  • Publication
    Long-Range Forecasting (2nd Edition)
    (1985) Armstrong, J. Scott
  • Publication
    The Objective Method: Probabilistic Combinatorial Optimization and Local Weak Convergence
    (2004-01-01) Aldous, David; Steele, John M
    This survey describes a general approach to a class of problems that arise in combinatorial probability and combinatorial optimization. Formally, the method is part of weak convergence theory, but in concrete problems the method has a flavor of its own. A characteristic element of the method is that it often calls for one to introduce a new, infinite, probabilistic object whose local properties inform us about the limiting properties of a sequence of finite problems.