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    Trivalent Influenza Vaccine Adverse Event Analysis Based On MedDRA System Organ Classes Using VAERS Data
    (2015-01-01) Tao, Cui; Du, Jingcheng; Cai, Yi; Chen, Yong
    We studied serious reports following influnza vaccine from VAERS database in year 2011. Our statistical analyses revealed differences of reactions among different age groups and between genders. The results may lead to additional studies to uncover factors contributing to the individual differences in susceptibility to influenza infection.
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    Automated Evaluation of Medical Software Usage: Algorithm and Statistical Analyses
    (2015-01-01) Cao, Ming; Chen, Yong; Zhu, Min; Zhang, Jiajie
    Evaluating the correctness of medical software usage is critically important in healthcare system management. Turf is a software that can effectively collect interactions between user and computer. In this paper, we propose an algorithm to compare the recorded human-computer interaction events with a predefined path. Based on the pass/fail results, statistical analysis methods are proposed for two applications: to identify training effects and to compare products of the same functionality.