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    Prevalence of Treated Behavioral Disorders among Adult Shelter Users: A Longitudinal Study
    (1998) Culhane, Dennis P; Averyt, June M; Hadley, Trevor R
    Of 27,638 homeless adults admitted to Philadelphia public shelters in the years 1990 through 1992, 20.1% received treatment for a mental health disorder, and 25.3% for a substance use disorder in the years 1985 through 1993. An additional 20.7% were identified as having untreated substance use problems. Overall, a total of 65.5% of adult shelter users were identified as ever having had a mental health or substance use problem, treated or untreated.
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    The 2007 Annual Homelessness Assessment Report to Congress
    (2008-07-29) Culhane, Dennis P; Khadduri, Jill; Cortes, Alvaro; Buron, Larry; Poulin, Steve
    The 2007 AHAR is the first AHAR based on an entire year of data about persons who use emergency and transitional housing programs. In addition, the report contains new information about the seasonal patterns of homelessness and long-term users of shelters and presents new appendices that provide community-level information on the number of homeless persons.