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    Option 1: Behind the Scenes Tour
    (2016-06-10) Ketchum, Sheila
    Peak behind the curtain to see what really makes Access Services tick
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    Tour of the Collaborative Classroom and the Hechtman Recording Studio
    (2016-06-09) Barrett, Catrice; Toccafondi, David
    Learn how the new Collaborative Classroom in Van Pelt Library is being used to enhance education and student engagement. Then get a tour of the recently completed, state of the art Hechtman Recording Studio in Van Pelt Library.
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    Welcome and Keynote Presentations
    (2016-06-09) Rogers, Carton H.
    Welcome address from Carton Rogers, the Vice Provost & Director of Libraries
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    Tour of the Fisher Fine Arts Library
    (2016-06-09) Guardiola, Patricia
    The University of Pennsylvania's first library building was designed by Frank Furness. It is now the home of the Fisher Fine Arts Library and an array of architectural studios. The building was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1985.
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    Decoding and Negotiating Publisher Contracts: Know What You're Signing Away When You Publish
    (2017-04-07) Wipperman, Sarah L
    You wrote an article, and it was accepted to a journal. The publisher sends you a Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA) or some other type of publishing agreement to sign, but what does that agreement actually say? What rights are you giving away, and what rights do you retain? Can you post your article to your website? Can you use it in the classroom? Can you send it to colleagues? This workshop will: look at a variety of CTAs across different disciplines give you tools to understand general journal policies on when and how you can post articles show you ways that you can negotiate with publishers to retain more rights to your work discuss ways that you can share your work, such as using our full service deposit to Penn's institutional repository, ScholarlyCommons, and posting to researcher profile sites like, ResearchGate, and SelectedWorks
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    Tour of the Weigle Information Commons
    (2016-06-09) Vedantham, Anu
    WIC is an innovative library/classroom partnership which offers group study, media project support, and a unique design philosophy
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    Growing Library Visibility on the Web with Linked Data
    (2016-06-09) Gonzalez, Gloria
    Learn about linked data and what it means for Libraries and Access Services
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    (2017-02-24) Rogers, Carton H.
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    Sharing Your Work Through Academic Social Media Sites and ScholarlyCommons
    (2017-03-16) Stuhr, Rebecca A
    Rebecca Stuhr will be presenting on several of the major academic sharing sites, including and ResearchGate, and Penn's institutional repository, ScholarlyCommons. Participants will gain a familiarity with these sites and their audiences, understand how the sites differ from one another, and learn about the copyright/permissions service provided through the ScholarlyCommons office.
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    Option 2: The Future of Library Reserves
    (2016-06-10) Pelt, Van
    What is in store for Library Reserves in light of Courseware, use patterns, library space demands, and copyright issues, including the recent Georgia State court case?