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    US Student Debt: Borrowing the Long and Lending the Short of it
    (2015-01-29) Ruby, Alan
    Financing options fail to live up to the promises made by politicians, says Alan Ruby.
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    The Not So Open Door
    (2010-11-18) Ruby, Alan
    Latest data on flow of international students to the U.S. raise questions about state quotas and tuition policies and how to calculate the economic value of students, writes Alan Ruby.
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    Government Models for Financing Higher Education in a Global Context: Lessons from the US and UK
    (2018-09-13) Villarreal, Pedro; Ruby, Alan
    This paper reviews common funding approaches/models found in the US and UK as well as the philosophical, political, and economic rationales underpinning their use, and the policy environments that contributed to their adoption in the hope of informing substantive policy discussion, decision-making, and implementation. It finds that different funding approaches/models may be appropriate based on the contextual realities and current circumstances of a country. Thus, incremental approaches might reflect government interests, but may not serve the public good. Enrollment based approaches (per capita and per credit) have advantages and remain viable options for adoption for nations seeking to expand access to higher education. Performance funding options may be appropriate when a robust system of higher education exists, and government seeks performance outcomes as a tool in promoting special projects or government priorities. However, those nations considering performance-based models may need a fair warning. The performance-based approach has yet to be proven to be the panacea it was purported to be, at least in the US and UK.
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    Internationalization of Higher Education in MENA: Policy Issues Associated with Skills Formation and Mobility
    (2011-01-01) Ruby, Alan; Jaramillo, Adriana; Henard, Fabrice; Zaafrane, Hafedh
    This policy issues note is focused on internationalization of higher education and the linkages and implications that internationalization has for skills mobility. Internationalization is one of the most important developments that globalization has brought to higher education worldwide. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, it has turned into quite a complex undertaking. The Arab Spring has made it clear that young people in MENA are asking for more and better opportunities: to study and work; to move about the world; and to learn and to create new knowledge and enterprises. Higher education, migration, and labor mobility are key policy areas as MENA nations address the need for a strong skills base to underpin the economic and social development of the regions disparate economies. All three policy areas share an interest in the development, recognition, and application of educational qualifications, in the quality of education and training, and in the ability of people to acquire, provide, and use education for their own well-being and for their nation's benefit. This note is intended to be the base document for a policy dialogue integrating the three issues associated with the development of human capital: higher education, migration, and labor mobility. This note seeks to introduce a systematic policy discussion about the internationalization of higher education to help MENA countries improve the quality and relevance of their higher education systems, open opportunities for better skills development, and improve high-skilled labor migration. There are important interactions among the formation of skills and competencies, the acquisition of credentials and qualifications, and where and how those skills are applied. These include the quality of education, the ease with which credentials are recognized in different countries, the role of international partners, and the incentives to study and work in the region and elsewhere. This note will explore how a regional approach to accreditation and recognition of qualifications could bring benefits and understanding of the complex interactions among student mobility, domestic higher education, and the economic and social development priorities of MENA countries. It will also provide evidence on the importance of setting goals for intra-regional student mobility and for student and faculty flows into the region through accreditation, student and faculty exchange, hiring incentives, and research infrastructure including competitive research grants. Finally, the note will demonstrate the need for a clear policy on the 'export of educational services.'
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    A Buyers' Guide to Branch Campuses?
    (2014-01-01) Ruby, Alan; Jaramillo, Adriana
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    How Don Nakanishi Overcame Prejudice in the Academy
    (2016-04-13) Ruby, Alan
    Alan Ruby remembers a pioneer of Asian American studies.
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    World Insight: Developing the First Chinese University Branch Campus in Malaysia
    (2016-08-27) Ruby, Alan; Yingfei He, Bonnie
    The early days of Xiamen University Malaysia illustrate the challenges Chinese universities will face as they open branch campuses in other nations, say Alan Ruby and Bonnie Yingfei He.
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    Parallel Reforms: Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and Nazarbayev University
    (2017-01-01) Ruby, Alan; Hartley, Matthew
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    The Small University with Big International Reach
    (2014-09-11) Ruby, Alan
    Valparaiso University’s message of knowledge, understanding, and faith means that it attracts a global student base, says Alan Ruby.
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    From Where I Sit - More to Moocs Than Moolah
    (2013-01-10) Ruby, Alan