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    The Three Pillars of Machine Programming
    (2018-01-01) Gottschlich, Justin E; Gottschlich, Justin E; Solar-Lezama, Armando; Tatbul, Nesime; Carbin, Michael; Rinard, Martin; Barzilay, Regina; Amarasinghe, Saman; Tenenbaum, Joshua B; Mattson, Timothy
    In this position paper, we describe our vision of the future of machine programming through a categorical examination of three pillars of research. Those pillars are:(i) intention,(ii) invention, and (iii) adaptation. Intention emphasizes advancements in the human-to-computer and computer-to-machine-learning interfaces. Invention emphasizes the creation or refinement of algorithms or core hardware and software building blocks through machine learning (ML). Adaptation emphasizes advances in the use of ML-based constructs to autonomously evolve software.