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For over two centuries Penn has offered a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs representing all aspects of the broad field of Classical Studies, from languages and literature to history, archaeology and cultural studies. The Department encourages interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to teaching and research and maintains productive ties with a variety of programs, including Religious Studies, English, Comparative Literature, Medieval Studies, Philosophy, Linguistics, Italian Studies, History of Art, and the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.



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    Apuleius and the Classical Canon
    (2010-04-01) Farrell, Joseph; Farrell, Joseph
    I begin with the question, “Is Apuleius a canonical author?” Any answer that one might give would of course raise other questions; and in the context of this volume, the most important of these would be whether Apuleius’ African origin enters into it. But before confronting that question, I have to address a few others that are more basic. For one can hardly get started on this problem until asking, what is the canon and what forces govern its formation?
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    A World of Multiplicity and the Core Mission of the Liberal Arts
    (2014-01-03) Struck, Peter T; Struck, Peter T
    I thank Denis Feeney for inviting me to join this conversation. And by this conversation, I mean this conversation in particular. About the liberal arts and its future. Public discussions these days that include humanities typically start by asking for an explanation of its decline, which is kind of like the old courtroom adage about asking when have you stopped beating your significant other. It's a much better idea to ignore that particular question since it's based on fundamentally unfair premises.