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This paper contributes to quantifying the notion of robotic fitness by developing a set of necessary conditions that determine whether a small quadruped has the ability to open a class of doors or climb a class of stairs using only quasi-static maneuvers. After verifying that several such machines from the recent robotics literature are mismatched in this sense to the common human scale environment, we present empirical workarounds for the Minitaur quadrupedal platform that enable it to leap up, force the door handle and push through the door, as well as bound up the stairs, thereby accomplishing through dynamical maneuvers otherwise (i.e., quasi-statically) achievable tasks.

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This work was supported by ONR grant #N00014-16-1-2817, a Vannevar Bush Fellowship sponsored by the Basic Research Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering held by the third author.

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Conference Paper

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GRASP, Kodlab

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Date Posted: 03 October 2017