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This chapter focuses on urban transportation. It is written by the moderator of the session on Land Transportation. He asked the five speakers to report on positive achievements and challenges in their cities or countries. The chapter starts with the moderator's review of developments and trends in urban transportation and a summary of the five reports by participants presented in the session. It is followed by a brief review of the conditions in urban transportation and its impact on cities. Following a review of problems most cities face and mistakes in transportation planning many cities continue to make, this chapter places emphasis on progressive policies and successful solutions which feasibility has been demonstrated by a number of leading cities.

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World Cities: Achieving Liveability and Vibrancy

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"Transportation for Liveable Cities: Problems, Obstacles, and Successful Solutions," Vukan Vuchic, 2010, World Scientific. Reprinted with permission from World Scientific:



Date Posted: 05 January 2017