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How is navigating a unicycle amidst obstacles like manipulating beads on a necklace? This paper addresses that question by introducing a simple control system that appears to offer a common dynamical model for both situations. System (1) consists of a trivially controlled set of “steering” state variables and an additional set of “body” state variables that can be “driven” in a direction determined by the steering variables. The task will be to bring the state of the system to some desired equilibrium using feedback. A defect in the “steered” vector field precludes the possibility of stabilization via a single continuous feedback controller - the essence of what feedback is all about - incurs the necessity of a hierarchical system.

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Conference Paper

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GRASP, Kodlab

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Proceedings of the Seventh Yale Workshop on Learning and Adaptive Systems

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Reprinted from Proceedings of the Seventh Yale Workshop on Adaptive and Learning Systems, May 1992.

NOTE: At the time of publication, author Daniel Koditschek was affiliated with Yale University. Currently, he is a faculty member in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

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