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Strong directional selectivity is theoretically predicted and experimentally validated at the microwave frequencies in the beaming regime for a single subwavelength slit in nonsymmetric metallic gratings with double-side corrugations. The operation regime can be realized at a fixed angle of incidence when the surface-plasmon assisted transmission is significant within a narrow range of observation angles, if illuminating one of the grating interfaces, and tends to vanish for all observation angles, if illuminating the opposite interface. The studied effect is connected with asymmetry (nonreciprocity) in the beaming that occurs if the surface plasmon properties are substantially different for the two interfaces being well isolated from each other.

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Cakmakyapan, S., Humeyra, C., Serebryannikov, A.E. and Ozbay, E. (2011). Experimental validation of strong directional selectivity in nonsymmetric metallic gratings with a subwavelength slit. Applied Physics Letters. 98, 051103.

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Date Posted: 30 March 2011

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