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The epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) tunneling phenomenon allows full transmission of waves through a narrow channel even in the presence of a strong geometric mismatch. Here we experimentally demonstrate nonlinear control of the ENZ tunneling by an external field, as well as self-modulation of the transmission resonance due to the incident wave. Using a waveguide section near cut-off frequency as the ENZ system, we introduce a diode with tunable and nonlinear capacitance to demonstrate both these effects. Our results confirm earlier theoretical ideas on using an ENZ channel for dielectric sensing and their potential applications for tunable slow-light structures.

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Powell, D.A., Alù, A., Edwards, B. and Vakil, A. (2009). "Nonlinear control of tunneling through an epsilon-near-zero channel." Physical Review B. 79, 245135.

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Date Posted: 22 December 2010

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