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In this paper, we verify experimentally the recently proposed theory on suppression of the spatial dispersion in an artificial plasma. We make use of the image principle and assume effectively local material parameters of the artificial plasma, in which the spatial dispersion has been suppressed, and measure the reflection from an impenetrable grounded surface. The plasma resonance can be clearly distinguished from the measurement results at the plasma frequency independently from the incidence angle. The agreement between the measurement results and the theory and simulations is very good.

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Luukkonen, O., P. Alitalo, F. Costa, C. Simovski, A. Monorchio, and S. Tretyakov. (2010). "Experimental Verification of the Suppression of Spatial Dispersion in Artificial Plasma." Applied Physics Letters. 96, 081501.

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Date Posted: 19 October 2010

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