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A TiO2 grating beam splitter on the SiO2 layer is designed using the modal analysis. normal incident light couples to the –1st/+1st-order transmission diffraction with a 49.6% efficiency for each and with a 50º refraction angle that is larger than the critical angle for the SiO2 interlayer is sandwiched between two gratings. The finite-integration-technique investigation shows its switching capability due to the quarter-period shift between the gratings, with the zeroth-order transmission smaller than 5% for the "off" state and larger than 95% for the "on" state from 553 to 654 nm wavelength regime.

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Iizuka, H., N. Engheta, H. Fujikawa, K. Sato and Y. Takeda. (2010). "Switching Capability of Double-Sided Grating with Horizontal Shifts." Applied Physics Letters. 97, 053108.

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Date Posted: 19 October 2010

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