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Inspired by the geometry and shape of the classical radio-frequency radiator, the Hertzian dipole, here we analyze the design of a plasmonic optical dimer nanoantenna. We show how it may be possible to operate a pair of closely spaced spherical nanoparticles as an efficient optical nanoradiator, and how its tuning and matching properties may be tailored with great degree of freedom by designing suitable nanoloads placed at the dimer gap. In this sense, we successfully apply nanocircuit concepts to model the loading nanoparticles. High levels of optical radiation efficiency are achieved, even considering the realistic absorption of optical metals, thanks to this specific geometry and design.

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November 2008


Copyright American Physical Society. Reprinted from Physical Review B, Volume 78, Issue 19, November 2008.
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antennas, nanoelectronics, nanoparticles



Date Posted: 11 December 2008

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