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This work reports on piezoelectric Aluminum Nitride (AlN) based dual-beam RF MEMS switches that have been monolithically integrated with AlN contour-mode resonators. The dual-beam switch design presented in this paper intrinsically compensates for the residual stress in the deposited films, requires low actuation voltage (5-20 V), facilitates active pull-off to open the switch and fast switching times (1 to 2 µsec). This work also presents the combined response (cascaded S-parameters) of a resonator and a switch that were co-fabricated on the same substrate. The response shows that the resonator can be effectively turned on and off by the switch. A post-CMOS compatible process was used for fabrication of both the switches and the resonators. The single-chip RF solution presented herein constitutes an unprecedented step forward towards the realization of compact, low loss and integrated multi-frequency RF front-ends.

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June 2008

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Presented at Solid-State Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems Workshop, June 2008, 4 pages.


aluminum nitride based switches, radio frequency microelectromechanical systems, contour-mode resonators, dual beam actuation



Date Posted: 30 June 2008