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This paper reports on design, fabrication and experimental testing of a new class of two-port stacked piezoelectric aluminum nitride contour-mode micromechanical resonators that can be used for RF filtering and timing applications. This novel design consists of two layers of thin film AlN stacked on top of each other and excited in contour mode shapes using the d31 piezoelectric coefficient. Main feature of this design is the ability to reduce capacitive parasitic feedthrough between input and output signals while maintaining strong electromechanical coupling. For example, these piezoelectric contour-mode resonators show a quality factor of 1,700 in air and a motional resistances as low as 175 Ω at a frequency of 82.8 MHz. The input to output capacitance has been limited to values below 80 fF, therefore simplifying signal detection even at high frequencies.

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Journal Article

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May 2007


Postprint version. Published in Sensors and Actuators A-Physical, Volume 136, Issue 2, Special Issue SI, May 2007, pages 638-645.


piezoelectric resonators, two-port resonators, RF MEMS, contour-mode, aluminum, nitride



Date Posted: 21 August 2007

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