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In this work, we investigate the response of epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) metamaterials and plasmonic materials to electromagnetic source excitation. The use of these media for tailoring the phase of radiation pattern of arbitrary sources is proposed and analyzed numerically and analytically for some canonical geometries. In particular, the possibility of employing planar layers, cylindrical shells or other more complex shapes made of such materials in order to isolate two regions of space and to tailor the phase pattern in one region, fairly independent of the excitation shape present in the other, is demonstrated with theoretical arguments and some numerical examples. Physical insights into the phenomenon are also presented and discussed together with potential applications of the phenomenon.

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Copyright American Physical Society. Published in Physical Review B, Volume 75, Issue 15, Article 155410, April 15 2007, 13 pages.
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Date Posted: 11 July 2007

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